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SoundLab Forensic Solutions, LLC is a professional corporation specializing in forensic audio, sound analysis, voice analysis, and gunshot signature analysis. All services are performed in our state-of-the-art laboratory so there is no breach in the chain of custody.

We are specialists committed to identifying artifacts and anomalies in audio recordings and improving the quality of audio recordings using the latest technology and scientifically proven methods. Analysis, identification, verification, clean-up, and restoration can be performed on any medium regardless of the format, analog or digital. SoundLab Forensic Solutions assists our clients in numerous aspects of forensic audio. Evidence preparation, legal transcription, and expert witness testimony are just some of the forensic services offered. We also offer as other services, transfer services, mixing, archiving, editing, and mastering of audio tracks. If you would like see if SoundLab can be of service to you or if you wish to speak to one of our specialist, please follow the link below.
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Our Forensic Audio Laboratory Service Includes:


  • Sound Analysis
  • Sound Restoration
  • Authenticity of Recordings
  • Gunshot Signature Comparisons
  • 911 Call Analysis
  • Voice Comparison
  • Voice Identification
  • Voice Analysis